Talk to me (art video)

Arno Coenen

video art

Arno Coenen (1972) is a Dutch visual artist who makes extensive use of digital media. Coenen is best known for his surrealistic work ‘Hoorn des Abundance’, which he designed for the interior ceiling of the market hall in Rotterdam. However, Coenen also works with video art, 3D animation, stained glass windows, and mosaics. His projects are always created with the help of the computer. His work often connects to contemporary subcultures, youth culture, and popular culture. He is especially interested in outspoken subcultures such as hooliganism, heavy metal[3], and martial arts. Often with a social slant, Arno Coenen makes accessible art. For that reason, he is regularly referred to as a ‘folk artist’.

Especially for Art in Oisterwijk he made a video artwork entitled ‘Talk to Me’.