3 to 26 june


Art in Oisterwijk – Talk to me

The highest quality with the lowest barrier. That is Art in Oisterwijk. 35 famous artists from 12 different countries exhibit a total of 50 images, which can be viewed day and night for a period of 3 weeks at the Lind in Oisterwijk.

The theme of this edition is ‘Talk to me. AiO wants to use art as a way to connect people by enticing visitors into a conversation. Well-known artists such as Tony Cragg, Ilya Kabakov, Bernar Venet, Nick Ervinck, David Černý, Sean Henry and Geert Koevoets exhibit striking, sometimes controversial, works of art that undoubtedly provoke a fascinating conversation.

Mann Und Tänzerin

Stephan Balkenhol

Refuge 2022

Will Beckers

DUO 2008

Arian Blom

DUO 2008

Arian Blom

Duo 2011

Arian Blom

Guns 1992

David Černý

Fuck the President 2015

David Černý

Man hanging Out 1997

David Černý

Thinker 2013

David Černý

Talk to me (Art Video)

Arno Coenen


Tony Cragg

L’autre ciel – Du rocher souriant jusqu’au ciel, un continent commence

Jean Denant

Jesus punches a Banker 2019

Chris Dobrowolski

The guitar played by the wind 1991

Chris Dobrowolski

Olnetopia 2019

Nick Ervinck

Thilap 2021

Nick Ervinck

Thepien 2022

Nick Ervinck

The art of Gibberish 2022

Michael Nolte

Heaven is so close 2021

Tom Haakman

Heaven can be so close 2021

Tom Haakman

Hond III 2008

Jeroen Henneman

Seated Man 2011

Sean Henry

Woman (Being Looked At) 2006

Sean Henry

Threesome 2014

Ewerdt Hilgemann

Three of a Kind 2017

Ewerdt Hilgemann

Urban Interventions


Fallen Sky 1995

Ilya & Emilia Kabakov

Syövest 2017

Ulrike Kessl

Corde a Linge 2022

Geert Koevoets


Jeff Koons

Waterwagon 2007

Joep van Lieshout

Character 2020

Leon Löwentraut

Dreamer – Antares 2022

Francesca Marti

Candy Kelly 2019

Heiner Meyer

Jonas 2011

Sofie Muller

No strings attached 2020

Pieter Obels

Batopillo 2005


Tower with Hole 4 2020

Sean Scully

Avio del frac 2013

Josep Riera i Aragó

Praat met mij 2022

Remko van Schaik

Vincent 2019

Yves Scherer

Little Mermaid 2021

Yves Scherer

Virgin Sun 2020

Johan Tahon

213° – Arc x 15

Bernar Venet

Life 2022

Ronald Westerhuis