Batopillo 2005


lacquered bronze, stainless steel and plexiglass

In 2005 the late Panamarenko designed and realized a sculpture that he initially called ‘Klapperschroef- rugzak-met-vliegenier’ or ’backpack-with-aviator’. The name ‘Batopillo’ which he later invented is a contraction of Pan American Airlines and Company, and has eventually become the sculpture’s popular name. The work symbolizes the individual and personal desire of contemporary people to fly and to be able to move freely and autonomously in all circumstances. “Everyone should be able to fly’” was the proposition of Panamarenco.

He built the original statue entirely with his own hands. A mannequin doll was dressed by the artist and served as the base. The buttons on the jacket are signed by Jean-Paul Gaultier. To make the statue suitable for outdoor exhibitions and installations it was necessary to cast the statue in bronze and to choose a firm foot position. The original statue is in The Hague Municipal Museum and there the statue has a foot position where the aviator stands on tiptoe. This bronze version stands a little more firmly with one foot on the ground.

* Thanks to:Courtesy Deweer Gallery Estate, Otegem, & Keteleer Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium