Character 2020


bronze – painted

Born in 1998, Leon Löwentraut discovered his passion for art at the age of seven and started painting with his mother. He is one of the most famous emerging artists of the moment. His works are multifaceted, dealing with people and interpersonal relationships.

Inspired by Picasso, Matisse and Basquiat, he combines wild colors and shapes. He often paints directly with the tube, instead of with a brush. His works show us the people behind the social facade. After first exhibitions of his works in galleries near Munich and in Hamburg, he received attention in various media. Not only his young age, but also his colorful and wild style are catching on. Löwentraut mainly makes large format paintings. And exceptionally, the large sculpture ‘Character’ that is shown at Art in Oisterwijk.

This work also shows his inspiration and fascination for Picasso and Basquiat. But even more important is the intrusiveness of the work, due to the color scheme and the view you take as a spectator. Very characteristic of the style of Leon Löwentraut. Löwentraut is a very young artist, self-taught and very passionate. But the art world has now agreed that he will make a lot of noise with his own style.