Dreamer Antares 2022

Francesca Marti

polished aluminum

As a young girl I needed to dream. Due to various circumstances I often felt alone. And by dreaming I discover my mind. This is how Francesca Marti herself explains her sculptures. Francesca Marti, a multidisciplinary artist who masters the hybridization of all artistic languages is a keen observer. The sensitive personality she is, her visual reflections deal with the current problems of humanity and the complex contemporary identity of man. Traveling through many countries has increased her awareness for the need for transformation, and change of damaging practices to the planet earth. In her art work, she conveys and highlights the problems of the most vulnerable and other important aspects.

In 2012, she began to form human shapes from clay and placed them around her in her studio; this was from a feeling that she could share her dreams with them. “I called them my Dreamers. One day, as it could happen to all of us, we wake up to our own true reality. That is also the time to decide whether we will continue to dream or whether we will turn our dreams into our convictions. This is how my dreamers became believers. In every second of our lives it is so important to believe, to look ahead.”  Francesca Marti’s dreamers are anthropomorphic beings who embody the inner spirit of people envisioning a better future.

An extension of the Dreamers, Martí’s Believers remind us of those crowds of people who rise up and fight against poverty and war of exclusion, to make their own dreams come true. A timeless challenge, up to now!