L’autre ciel – Du rocher souriant jusqu’au ciel, un continent commence

Jean Denant

volcanic stone, polished stainless steel mirror

Jean Denant (1979) lives and works in the French Sete. His work ‘L’Autre Ciel’ is made from three carved volcanic boulders. The dark boulders lying on the ground are inlaid with stainless steel mirrors pointing towards the sky. In this way, Denant initiates a discussion, as it were, between heaven and earth, and/or between body and mind. Yet: “the mirrored stones also symbolize the contrast betweenthe weight of the stones and the lightness of the sky, culture, architecture, and landscape.”  the artist says.

Jean Denant’s works are representative of a generation dispatched to defend a worldview;  poetic and inclusive. He uses simple materials to build images by engraving, hammering, and hollowing the supports. Whether working on plywood, drywall, extruded polystyrene, or stainless steel, the elements always evoke a response regarding the relationship between nature and culture, and architecture and landscape. This work by Denant has previously been exhibited at the Museé de Beaux Art in Paris.


thanks to the Liedts – Meesen foundation