Hond III 2008

Jeroen Henneman

sand cast aluminum

The sculpture ‘Dog III’, is actually a 3-dimensional drawing thick enough to hold its own standing position. Many of these line-drawing works are, like DOG III, sort of carried in the air. The DOG 3D drawings play with the theme of dimensionality. The dog imagines a stationary viewer standing in front or may it be a dog that flees or is in a concentrated pursuit of prey, like a still from a video or movie.

DOG III is part of the series ‘The Nature of the Animal’ and is made of sand-cast aluminum. The series consists of three birds, a cat, and three different dogs. The 3D drawings show the animals in vulnerable moments without losing their distinctive characteristics. Henneman’s repertoire always consists of simple shapes and objects that surround him every day. He uses them in his characteristic and almost graphic style, a style that is always aimed at visual clarity.