No strings attached 2020

Pieter Obels

corten steel 

The Tilburg artist Pieter Obels, born in 1968 in Kruisland, seems to make his sculptures dance. And that is quite special if you mainly work with corten or construction steel, which is a heavy and industrial metal. He grew up in the polder landscape of West Brabant, a landscape from which he also gets an important part of his inspiration. If you look at his various sculptures, you will see a formal language that corresponds to the organic forms that you find in flowers and plants.

Twists like in grape vines, balancing curves like with overstretched garlic flowers, or tendrils looking for something to hold on to, like those of the passion flower. Obels creates organic forms with a fine sense of the seductive tension that is present between chaos and order and between balance and imbalance. And the intense warm rusty brown color of his sculptures makes them blend harmoniously into their surroundings. Especially because the images change when you walk around them.