Reflection 2022

Ronald Westerhuis

stainless steel and steel

Ronald Westerhuis’ international career began in 2003, when he designed the flame for the 2008 Olympic Games in Peking. In 2015 he produced a sculpture for the World Exhibition in Milan in collaboration with the famous architect Daniel Liebeskind. And in 2020 he represented the Netherlands at the World Exhibition in Dubai. However, the national monument MH17 in Vijfhuizen still makes him most proud.

“Size does matter’” he counts and that is not surprising when you consider that Ronald worked for years offshore. His past is still to be seen in the craftsmanship of his work and in the dimensions of his sculptures. However, over time, you also see that the tough, large and shiny materials seem to have become softer and more organic. The sculpture ‘Life’ is a wonderful example of this. In the reflecting surfaces it reflects the world, your world, and our world slightly distorted due to the round shapes, yet always without concessions, otherwise, it would not be Ronald. He strives for perfection which shows in the beauty of the material and the attention given all the way down to the smallest of smallest details.