Refuge 2022

Will Beckers

corten steel and willow

Will Beckers is an environmental artist known for his site-specific installations and nature-based sculptures, often referred to as Land Art or Art in Nature. Beckers explores our relationship with the natural world. Being a sculptor he works as an architect of nature, making his installations from natural materials and durable metal structures. His natural installations invite the public to interact and experience the artwork, engaging the visitor and provoking a response.

His projects can be found in public spaces and invite the visitor and those who pass by to interact and experience the artwork and thus provoking a reaction. Becker’s environmental artworks often take the form of a bio-sculpture, or a growing organism confronting nature with its own materials. The sculptures stimulate us to question our relationship with our environment. Time and continuity are key elements in his art. The materials he brings to the work still seem to grow, following the rhythm of the seasons. His projects are always a long-term investment, but ultimately they are also prone to transience. “My work is about showing the transience of life and the regeneration of our natural world.“A metamorphosis takes place during the creation process. At the beginning of the process, the environment determines the nature of the image, when completed, the image has changed the environment. A new meaning has been added to the environment.