Tower with Hole 4 2020

Sean Scully

corten steel

Sean Scully, born in Ireland, is a painter, photographer and sculptor. He became famous for his abstract paintings referring to emotional landscapes. He knows better than anyone else how to find abstraction in line, color and block shapes playing with the environment and light. Scully himself says  “abstract art was invented to make everything happen at once.

In addition to his paintings, Scully makes ’stack’ sculptures, which hang in space as monuments to a state of mind. These and other works, which focus on feelings for materials, appeal to the human experience as a point of entry. Scully considers art without emotion as unfair. He explains his work as an invitation to art-viewers to feel something and to apply what they feel to themselves.

The corten steel sculpture ‘Tower with hole 4’ refers to living, breathing, and aging in a unique but above all abstract way. It is a sculpture that is closed and at the same time very open. The round holes allow nature to enter the work. Art and landscape intertwine and together they create a multifaceted story. The steel was originally dark gray. Humidity, especially water, has caused the color to fade over time, from orange-brown slowly but surely to red-brown. The colors darken with age and acquire a beautiful patina.